Cast and Crew Information

Shrek, Jr. Auditions the week of December 5!

Auditions for the Middle School Musical, Shrek JR., will be December 5 and 6 from 3:05-5pm in the Portables. Students must attend both days. There is a sign-up sheet in the 3rd-floor hallway of the school, across from Pablo’s office. 

On the first day, you’ll sing a short bit of any song you’ve prepared. Sing one verse and the chorus. You don’t need sheet music or a recording; just sing it loud and clear. You’ll be alone in the room with us, not singing in front of all your friends, so don’t stress about this – we know it’s easier to sing with a bunch of people, but we really just need to hear your voice. On the second day, you’ll read lines from the show with other people. We want to see how you interact with others and who would fit well in each role.

Read Throughs will be after school on December 13 and December 15!

Read-throughs will be December 13 and 15 from 3:05-5pm in Egan Hall. Cast members must attend both days. Students in Crew (costumes, sets, sound, lights) do not have to attend but can if they want to hear the show read-through.

During the read-throughs we all sit at tables in Egan Hall and read through the whole show in character. It’s good to do this so you know the story and start to see who you are in it. You’ll get your script and be able to take it home with you over the Christmas holiday to start working on your lines (if you have lines) and start learning the songs (they are on Spotify and elsewhere).

Rehearsals start the first day back from Christmas Holiday!

Cast members must be available to attend all rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-5pm in January, February and the first week of March. A schedule is sent out each week telling students who need to come on which days. For example, maybe Fiona, Shrek and Donkey come on Monday; all the Fairy Tale creatures come on Tuesday; Lord Farquaad and Dulocians come on Wednesday; everyone comes on Thursday. You cannot miss rehearsals. If you miss more than two rehearsals that you are called for, we will give your part to someone else or you will be released from the show.

We try to make the schedule work with basketball, music practices, etc., but if your student has a weekly commitment Monday through Thursday, please try to reschedule it until after March 6. EVERYONE, cast and crew, MUST attend ALL rehearsals the last two weeks of February and the first week of March. Reschedule those orthodontics visits, piano lessons, and karate classes now. 

Parents will need to help out at rehearsals. We will have sign-up genius to make sure another adult is at rehearsals with us to help keep students working and safe.

Stage Crew Signups will be the week of December 5!

Stage Crew is all the people who help make the show work but don’t act on stage in character. They build sets, move props and sets during the show, sing along with the chorus, help with costumes, move the spotlight, run the soundboard music, etc. We need about 15 people to help with Stage Crew. Parent helpers are DEFINITELY needed, too, so ask your grown-ups if they can help! A sign-up sheet for students interested in crew on the 3rd-floor hallway of the school, across from Pablo’s office.

Stage Crew doesn’t have to come to all rehearsals but needs to come to ALL rehearsals the last 3 weeks before the performances (so, the last two weeks of February and the first week of March). There are also a couple of Saturday work parties where we build and paint the sets and work on costumes.

Parent Volunteers

We need parent helpers desperately! If you are able to sew, craft, build, construct or engineer, the musical needs you. Costumes, lights, sound, props and sets must be built, and parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, neighbors and friends from any grade are encouraged to lend a hand. Email Kari Aguila at to volunteer!